Our engineers ride motorcycles themselves. You can see that in every detail of the TRAX ADV aluminum cases: from the robust construction to the waterproof finish to the easy handling.


The side case system

The lightweight TRAX ADV pannier system will take on any challenge, whether going for a quick ride across town or loading up for a rough cross-country expedition. This sturdy aluminum body has been built to handle any riding environment.


Ready for any driving situation

The TRAX ADV can cope with any driving situation: to ensure that cornering is no problem, we have heavily slanted the lower edge of the side cases. In addition, corners made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic protect the case wall from unwanted contact with the ground.


Robust companion for touring riders

Aluminum is used as the material for a balanced bridge between lightness and stability. To keep wall thickness and weight as low as possible, side beads stiffen the lid, while the design embossing and stable weld seams stabilize the side wall.


Stability at low weight

As a result, the TRAX ADV combines premium quality with low weight: at 5.1 to 5.4 kilograms with a volume of 37 or 45 liters, the robust and practical aluminum side cases are among the lightest in their class.

TRAX ADV motorcycle side case SW-MOTECH

Dust and waterproof

No chance for water and dirt

Thanks to robot-assisted welding, punch rivets and replaceable seals, the robust TRAX ADV aluminum cases are 100% dust and waterproof. And every single case has to prove this in a test procedure at our company. Design embossing and welded edges give the TRAX ADV aluminum cases with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm stability and their unmistakable appearance.

With high-tech against water

To ensure that not a drop of water or a speck of dust reaches the luggage, attention must be paid to every detail, from the weld seam to the riveting process to the last punch rivet: The well thought-out housing design of the TRAX ADV reduces the attack surface for water and dust.

Every weld seam must be perfect

Robot-assisted welding is used to manufacture the aluminum body. This allows waterproofing and stability to be achieved with a thin seam. The plastic elements are attached using punch rivets. The wall material is not penetrated in the process - there are no entry gaps for water.

Tight down to the last screw

The attachment of the lid and screws is particularly critical for the tightness of a case. In the TRAX ADV, special seals seal the drill holes, and a specially developed sealing geometry is used for the waterproof shoulder connection to the lid.

When developing the TRAX ADV, one requirement was clearly in the foreground: to build a case that meets all the demands of everyday driving - and at the same time is so easy to handle that assembly, loading, mounting and dismounting are child's play.

Against corrosion and abrasion

Aluminum does not rust, yet the material oxidizes and abrasion can occur. Before that, the outside and inside of the cases are protected by anodizing and powder coating, which also makes cleaning easier.

Ergonomics in every detail


The TRAX ADV cuts a fine figure not only while riding. This is evident from the practical quick-release fastener to the removable lid and the well thought-out retaining system. The TRAX ADV comes with a flexible carrier system and sturdy aluminum handles for convenient attachment and removal. The lid with opening limitation can be conveniently opened by quick-release fastener even on the bike. For easy loading and unloading, the aluminum top can also be completely removed.


Locking and unlocking are also easy to do. As a practical accessory, there are padded TRAX ADV inner bags with carrying handle and volume expansion. The TRAX ADV can be attached to any EVO or PRO side carrier; suitable adapters are also available for mounting on older carriers and Givi and Hepco & Becker luggage holders. Attachment to the original carrier of the BMW R1200 GS Adventure is also possible in this way.

Motorcycle topcase with helmet

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The small version of the TRAX ADV aluminum case has a capacity of 37 liters and weighs only 5.1 kilograms. With a width of only 23 centimeters, it fits very well into the lines of modern adventure bikes. We manufacture the waterproof and dustproof case in two color finishes: Anodized silver or black powder-coated aluminum. It is available for the left and right side on the bike.

  • 37l
  • 49 x 23 x 37 cm (L/B/H)
  • 5,1 kg

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TRAX ADV motorcycle aluminium side case M SW-MOTECH
TRAX ADV motorcycle aluminium side case M SW-MOTECH


The large TRAX ADV case transports your luggage dust and water protected and has a volume of 45 liters. With a weight of 5.4 kilograms, it is only slightly heavier than the TRAX ADV M. The large case is also available in two surface finishes and for both the left and right side.

  • 45l
  • 49 x 28 x 37 cm (L/B/H)
  • 5,4 kg

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TRAX ADV Topcase

The TRAX ADV Topcase is the premium luggage solution for the rear and is suitable for both on-road and off-road use. The robust topcase has the same quality features that distinguish the side cases of the series and can be ideally combined with them. The lockable top case offers 38 l of storage space and easily holds a motorcycle helmet.

      • 38l
      • 41 x 34 x 33 cm
      • 4,7 kg

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TRAX ADV motorcycle aluminium top case SW-MOTECH

Versatile carrier system

Convenient mounting

As a carrier, the original QUICK-LOCK system from SW-MOTECH offers numerous advantages - the versatile packing system can be quickly removed for riding without panniers and combines perfect fit with maximum flexibility.

Attachment and removal in seconds

Attaching the QUICK-LOCK EVO and PRO side carriers to the motorcycle requires only the one-time installation of the inconspicuous mounting parts. The carrier can then be attached and removed in seconds using a quick-release fastener.

Secure hold in just a few steps

The side carrier is already prepared for mounting the TRAX ADV side case: The mountings of the adapter set are simply screwed into the carrier frame, and the case can be attached.

Motorrad Koffer Trax Adv mit PRO Seitentr├Ąger SW-MOTECH
PRO side carrier SW-MOTECH

Universally applicable

The EVO and PRO side carriers provide secure support for side cases from SW-MOTECH, Givi/Kappa, Hepco & Becker, Krauser and Shad as well as the SysBag 15 and SysBag 30 bag - the matching adapter kits are available separately. The PRO side carrier's numerous functional holes allow RotopaX canisters and other accessories to be attached.

Further developed

The PRO side carrier is the further development of the popular and successful EVO side carrier. It is even more robust, designed even closer to the vehicle, even more versatile. Just the right thing for those who love long tours and challenging off-road rides.

Accessories for TRAX ADV aluminum cases

From the additional bag to the spare canister - so that everything is quickly at hand for the short refill stop or the relaxed break, there are the matching accessories for the TRAX ADV aluminum cases.

Matching holder sets offer space for UN-approved gas cans and sturdy aluminum drinking bottles. To ensure that more storage space is available and that every centimeter is used, suitable inner pockets are also available for the case lid, which can be easily opened when the case is hung up. An inexpensive alternative is to use a highly flexible lid net. If everything needs to be on board for the tour, sometimes even three large suitcases do not offer enough storage space. Therefore, the waterproof expansion bag is available to match the TRAX ADV side cases.

TRAX M/L additional bag

Weatherproof, robust and flexible:


The TRAX M/L additional bag can be lashed to aluminum side cases from SW-MOTECH and other brands and offers 15 liters of additional waterproof and dustproof storage space that can be quickly accessed without opening the cases.


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TRAX motorcycle side case additional bag
TRAX motorcycle side case inner bag

TRAX M/L Inner Bag

The padded TRAX M/L inner bag completes the range of accessories for the TRAX ADV and TRAX ION motorcycle cases. Made of tear-resistant and light-resistant 600D polyester, the bag can be used in all TRAX side cases and also protects sensitive luggage from vibrations and abrasion.

The inner bag can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the 37- and 45-liter versions of the TRAX ADV and TRAX ION side cases via zippered volume adjustment.


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TRAX Canister Kit

The TRAX Canister Kit fits TRAX motorcycle cases and guarantees the safe transport of liquids. It can also be mounted in an easily accessible position.


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TRAX motorcycle side case canister kit
TRAX motorcycle side case SW-MOTECH

Thorough testing

Reliable waterproofing plays a central role for a touring case. That's why we designed the TRAX ADV - and put it through its paces. The aluminum case had to withstand thousands of test kilometers in Alaska as well as an extensive test program at the factory. Our harshest critics are our own engineers: Long before a product goes on sale, we put it through its paces in practical use. For the TRAX ADV, this also meant facing a 2,000-kilometer tour through Alaska - over highways, dust roads and through water. The management and development team returned from the test drive with dirty machines, dry luggage and beaming faces.

Reliable protection against dust and water

The motorcycle cases passed all the challenges we presented the TRAX ADV with, both on and off the road, without a hitch. The clear conclusion from the test program: the robust premium system is ready for the next adventure. Long before a product goes on sale, we put it through its paces in practical use. For the TRAX ADV, this meant facing a 2,000-kilometer tour through Alaska under the critical eye of the development team.

America's "last frontier

The Alaskan landscape leaves lasting impressions and whets the appetite for more: For a week, the test tour took the SW-MOTECH team over long gravel highways, narrow forest trails and winding off-road tracks. Just no wet socks! The TRAX ADV passed every test with stoic composure: All luggage remained dry throughout the entire tour, even when the machines were staring at dirt and water.